The Food Of The Gods And How supermarket amsterdam It Came To Earth Plot Summary

8 augustus 2022

Terence McKenna definitely puts forth interesting and thought-provoking ideas, and I didn’t disagree with all of them. However, the book is not very well written, and the main ideas do not have any real research or evidence to back them up. This is fine if you’re just looking for an interesting read with lots of anecdotal evidence, but it’s definitely not what you should pick up if you want more academic/scientific knowledge on the topics.

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  • It is just a tool to turn us into what we are supposed to be.
  • In this new chemical state every cell of the body is nourished with Divine Love and feels completely fulfilled as happens automatically when we are tuned to the Theta field.
  • Absurd attempts to marry a giant Princess to a much smaller Prince soon fall to ground when she decides instead to choose one of her own kind over one of her own class.
  • A recent pilot study done by Johns Hopkins tried giving one dose of psilocybin in a therapeutic setting to 15 people who had repeatedly failed to quit cigarettes.
  • An exploration of humans’ symbiotic relationships with plants and chemicals presents information on prehistoric partnership societies, the roles of spices and spirits in the rise of dominator societies; and the politics of tobacco, tea, coffee, opium, and alcohol.
  • Around the same time, tea, coffee and cocoa also started being imported.

By increasing and then circulating the chi in specific ways throughout our system we can access the Divine Nutrition channels while remaining grounded and active in our modern day world. Of chanting and devotional song, when practiced daily together tunes the system to the Theta – Delta waves as effectively as a motor mechanic who regularly services and tunes his car. An example of a Dimensional Biofield Science Matrix Mechanics Device is C.N.N. – the Cosmic Nirvana Network – an incorruptible inner plane network utilized by all beings of great light and love for pure and Divine communication.

The Food Of The Gods

An odyssey of mind, body and spirit, Food of the Gods is supermarket amsterdam one of the most fascinating and surprising histories of consciousness ever written. A daring work of scholarship and exploration, it offers an inspiring vision for individual fulfilment and a humane basis for our interaction with each other and the natural world. This story has a buffet of things to chew on a digest.

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The Food of the Gods I call it, this substance that Mr Bensington and Professor Redwood made between them; and having regard now to what it has already done and all that it is certainly going to do, there is surely no exaggeration in the name. So I shall continue to call it therefore throughout my story. But Mr Bensington would no more have called it that in cold blood than he would have gone out from his flat in Sloane Street clad in regal scarlet and a wreath of laurel. The phrase was a mere first cry of astonishment from him. He called it the Food of the Gods, in his enthusiasm and for an hour or so at the most altogether. When he first thought of the thing he saw, as it were, a vista of enormous possibilities – literally enormous possibilities; but upon this dazzling vista, after one stare of amazement, he resolutely shut his eyes, even as a conscientious ‘scientist’ should.

Wheres The Beef? Book Is Like Trying To Find A Needle In A Hat Stack

To my publishers in Germany, Italy, Croatia, France, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Sweden, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Russia, and Japan, I also give my thanks for your courage to bring such a controversial subject to the public and thus anchor this data deeper within the global field. Evolution has a way of being supported, regardless of our capacity to deal with things that may challenge what we know. The studies of these people and all the others credited in my book Ambassadors of Light, has also made my journey easier and for all of their work I remain eternally grateful. I give thanks also to those who know that what really brings nourishment to us all, is not the chemical reaction of food substances in our system, but the internal Presence of an intelligence that is so wise and loving that to merge with It allows us to satiate all our hungers.

Adorn your wall with spiritual images and activate them to act as doorways of Holy Being energy to radiate through and feed you on a soul level. In order to understand how we can be nourished on all levels of our being we need to look at both the conventional and non-conventional Sources of nourishment that we all can access. These Sources can feed anyone interested in either Level 2 or Level 3 of this program however for Level 3 success we need to apply the additional recommendations in Chapter 11.

And maybe the way out of these problems is not political exhortation, but a return to archaic rituals that shake each of us individually to our very roots. Perhaps prehistoric people, inspired by hallucinogenic ego-dissolving experiences, structured their societies around ‘partnership’ values like harmony, equality and worship of the Mother Goddess. (The abundance of female goddess figurines found in Catal Huyuk or Minoa hint at this.) Later these were replaced with so-called ‘dominator’ societies that practice religious dogmatism and emphasize hierarchy, order and strict boundaries. Dominator societies also have a hostile attitude towards sexuality, another perfectly natural experience that is taboo because it dissolves ego boundaries. In all dominator societies the relationships between men and women are centered on men being sought for security and apparent status.

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