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16 juni 2022

It boasts an independent D.I which can be used as a second channel for blending signal from DI sources such as guitars or basses. Good sized knobs give you control over the usual array of parameters as well as some less common features typically reserved for pricier units. To the far right you will also find a Stereo / Dual switch which will link the output control of both channels to channel one’s output pot, and turns channel two’s output control into a pan pot. The ART Pro MPAII is a really good preamp with variable impedance and plenty of gain for all my ribbon mics.

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  • Let just take a look at a pre that has gained attention lately.
  • All compression was relegated to using software plugins until I ordered this piece.
  • Cargo service is offered by Ports America, Zim American Integrated Shipping Company, and MSC which has recently partnered with Zim.
  • Now that they are over 400 dollars one would be better off just going with UA preamps or the like.
  • To prevent damage to the controls and cosmetics avoid rough handling and excessive vibration.
  • As soon as I took it out of the Box I couldn’t believe how heavy and sturdy it felt.

As they age capacitors can dry out, static electricity in the dry winter zapping gear. Opened up my Pro MPA II down this afternoon after more signal drop outs on channel one. I repaired an amp once and all from inputs on the internet. Tapping around with a wooden stick protects you from shock and has some reach to tap capacitors etc see if the suspect shows up. I have a ART Pro Channel with this same issue as well, with the Gain, Preamp and Master controls cranked it will pass a very VERY faint signal but nothing more.

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Got intermittent clicks when the clock was set to the Clarett’s clock. That went away when I switched to ART’s clock. Plus I noticed theres about a 22 sample delay when recording from its digital out ….

Populair From Art

Though there are no hard rules, tube preamps are often used for recording melodic and harmonic instruments like vocals, guitars, and pianos. Tube preamps are also said to “glue” sounds together better. This is a result of their circuit design which applies a natural compression to the top of the wave forms as gain is gradually applied. This compression is musical and pleasing, and when applied to several instruments, grouped instrument auxiliary busses, or a master buss, it is described to “glue” things together naturally. The most discused button of this device is High Plate button. By pressing this, MPA leaving starved plate function and tubes became really hot It means, preamp operates as real tube preamp.


Not to mention, most of the time was just to make sure I let the tubes warm up properly . The price is great for those of us more or less on a budget. I’m attracted to the ’tube warmth’ thing that it delivers, so I’m not sure there is another another compressor out there is this price range that I would get over the ART. Even with how good this sounds, I do plan on upgrading the unit myself over the next couple months. First off is the easiest thing, replacing the tubs. Many people like to use 12AX7 tubes in this, but I don’t want to because that will throw off the output gain controls too much and could change quite a few other specifications for how the unit sounds.

Pro Mpa

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Lots of contact cleaner and on/offing and it now works perfectly. At this level of gear pretty much disposable, get a new one. I have another Pro MPA II that has an annoying hum on Channel 1 as well…so not having much luck with ART products I guess. I have both the MPA II and VLA II units, both in constant use for the past two years. I currently have two VLA units…never had any problems, but TBH, I haven’t fired them up lately, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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