Y Combinator’s plentydatesites.com Message To Founders

31 maart 2022

Unlike other startup investors, Y Combinator is all about the valley. Even though YC spends half of the year in Boston, the third biggest startup hub in the US after New York City, PG believes that any startup that’s serious about becoming successful should move to Silicon Valley. It’s ok if you don’t fit the “outgoing, cheerful, confident model” — not all startup founders are like that. Show your formidability, resourcefulness, and naughtiness in your own quirky and authentic way. Lee Lin and Li Zhou, the co-founders ofRentHop, YC alums from the class of S09, are good examples of “atypical founders.” According to Lee, both he and his cofounder are not very outgoing people. Both of them are quite shy and not the “typical” confident type.

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  • While the site today is a fairly standard government site, Spinrad said he could imagine “added value service providers” using Heat.gov’s data to create an app or other specialized resource for heat data.
  • But that project has been plagued by cost overruns and delays, reflecting the challenges of building traditional plants in the U.S.
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  • And also, don’t be scared to quit or change teams early.
  • Previously she was at the San Francisco Examiner, covering tech from a hyper-local angle.
  • Sure, there’s booms and crashes, but that’s why we call it a cycle.

Often when we fund people it’s to do something they list here and not in the main application. Now that you’ve nailed the rest of your application, it’s time to talk about the one- plentydatesites.com minute-long video. As PG said, the whole purpose of the YC video is to get a better sense of how the founders communicate and relate to each other. Your product must have a strong product/market fit for it to be successful. With that said, since you’re still in the beginning stages, it’s more important to show how your product would cater to the market. According to the Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail, a study conducted by CB Insights, not having the right team ranks at number seven.

Finally On The Market

The most important thing for us is to encourage brands to think about how investing in something today creates seamless experiences tomorrow. If I create a digital workforce, all of a sudden, I’ve created a highly scalable workforce that is always on. Those customer-centric Digital People can have 1,000 or 100,000 conversations, and these are uniquely personal interactions that are hard to achieve and staff in the real world today. Conversational AI becomes that repository for the brand experience. They humanize AI to create Digital People that take input from the environment — a question, a facial expression like a smile — and respond in real time. Digital People, such as the one used by Nestle to serve as a digital cookie coach on its website, allow brands to offer an empathic and ultra-personalized customer experience.

Demo Day

This causes less competition between funds for deals which results in lower valuations, lower round sizes, and many fewer deals completed. In these situations, investors also reserve more capital to backstop their best performing companies, which further reduces the number of new financings. As much as the program invests in a founder’s business, it makes its bets based on the talent of the founder. This is why companies are able, and even encouraged, to pivot their businesses. What Y Combinator stresses is a process to push founders to optimize their talent and validate their ideas–if this is achieved, there’s a much greater chance that whatever business follows will be commercially successful. As with the rest of the program experience, there is no single measure of success for companies on Demo Day.

Work in finance and you’ll likely need to take some initiative, and earn and deploy some political capital, to make your own. The corporate job might be less risky than the startup, but neither one is a guarantee. If that’s a startup and it dies no one will hold it against you. If you’re good you’ll probably be able to find something even in a lousy economy.

If your application is chosen from several thousands, you will receive an email. It may have additional questions, invitation for video or in-person interview. On the heels of World Mental Health Day, an app called MentalHappy is launching with the goal of making mental health care accessible, affordable and stigma-free. The demand reductions will focus on the electricity sector and getting industries heavily reliant on gas to switch to alternative fuels rather than cutting off supplies to homes and other critical services like hospitals. That said, the bloc agreed to improve heating and cooling efficiency so there’s less need for methane gas in the first place.


For us, obsessing about customers — it’s like, well, shit — this is where we should be from a customer standpoint, from a business standpoint. The bill could have impacts far beyond the pockets of Visa and Mastercard, however. Many fintechs in the business of offering white-labeled credit cards, from corporate spend companies to neobanks, profit from interchange fees. Though the proposed bill targets credit card networks and cards issued by the largest banks, increased competition will likely bring fees down over time, potentially slashing profits. Fintech Business Weekly reported LendUp’s plans Sunday.

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